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Research provides the essential framework for innovation.


​To keep you ahead, we have a robust multidisciplinary research and development program in which we develop new specialty starches, technologies and capabilities. This program brings to life our Core Principle of relentless innovation.
In the 1940s, National Starch’s scientists began unlocking the potential of natural polymers by developing the first waxy maize starches, the first patented cross-linked starches and the first cross-linked waxy maize starches. In food, these new specialty starches offered superior thickening properties, longer shelf life and helped improve texture and appearance.
Many innovations and decades later, work continues on advancements in papermaking, biomaterials and food nutrition, delivery systems, texture and clean label solutions. In addition, our experts continue to seek process improvements to improve efficiency and sustainability for your facilities and ours.
To bring you an even wider array of innovations, we work with universities and other research partners. All of our efforts are part of a planned long-term research effort to find new ways for you to improve your products.