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Innovation gives you a competitive edge.​  

 Productivity and performance.

​With a legacy of pushing the frontiers of starch, we find new and sustainable ways to help you optimize your costs and product performance.
Wet-end starches
National Starch Papermaking Innovation offers a variety of wet-end starches that provide a wide range of mill benefits: strength, speed, drainage, retention and fiber substitution.
  • EcoPRO™ water-soluble cationic starches.
  • CATO® series general-purpose wet-end cationic starches.
  • MicroCAT® series of cationic, high molecular weight starches for microparticle retention systems.
  • OptiBOND® series of cationic and amphoteric starches to provide optimal strength (STIFI, Ring Crush, Mullen, Concora) development.
  • OptiPLUS® series of amphoteric for superior drainage and good strength development.
  • OptiPRO® series of high-charged wet-end starches.
  • RediBOND® series of liquid ready-for-use starches. This family of dry tensile strength additives has been specially developed to meet the unique demands of strength, softness and absorbency required by the tissue industry.
  • RediPRO®, a unique nature-based liquid polymer delivers better drainage and speed. These products improve wet-end additives efficiencies and also reduce reliance on synthetic ingredients.
Surface starches
National Starch Papermaking Innovation provides a wide variety of surface starches that deliver surface strength, printability, additive reduction and BOD reduction.
FILMKOTE® hydrophobic starches provide a barrier of oil and grease resistance from dry-end applications because of their oleophobic and superior surface-oriented, film-forming properties. The use of FILMKOTE can completely eliminate the need for expensive fluorochemicals. This simplifies surface treatment formulations and reduces chemical handling while decreasing total manufacturing costs.
CATO-SIZE® cationic surface starches promote effective film formulation, which improves surface strength and printability. Because of the fiber-substantive nature of CATO-SIZE surface starches, mill effluent BOD reduction is an additional benefit realized with CATO-SIZE use.
ClearFLO™ starches are stable film-formers that reduce the detrimental impact that commodity surface starches have on final sheet brightness. These starches are excellent surface starch products for high-brightness uncoated grades (e.g., copy paper) and help optimize chemical brightener dosage requirements.
KOFILM® starches promote effective film formation, which improves surface strength and printability. They also reduce functional additive usage and improve coating holdout, useful in the production of silicone release grades and label stock.